Life in the Caribbean. An Introduction

Island life as I knew it, has always been a good time – great food and healthy living, all of which I will discussion in succession.

Let’s talk about The Good Times:  It is a National way of life, without imposition on anyone.  It all begins with the universal language of a smile, something that everyone knows how to do –The will to share with anyone around you, whether it is a tangible or not.  And, the effortless desire to see everyone succeed in their endeavor.  This lends itself to pleasant surroundings, the medicine for happiness and a good life.

Talking about Good Food:  An entitlement to all mankind, because its origin is an act of nature, and that is how most Islanders treat it, as we all know the absence of preservatives and man-made additives will ensure the purity of fresh consumable food –The recipe for good health, which leads us to the  next topic.

Healthy Living:  A way of life on the Islands.  The tools are all around us, fresh spring water, some sapling out of the mountains, or others from tributaries that flow through undisturbed forests.  There you find all types of healing plants, some edible in plant form, the others are utilized in compounding different types of healing and nutritious products.  Speaking about nutrition and healing, this brings me to an Island “aphrodisiac” known to some as “Sea Moss”, but to others as “Irish moss”.  It’s origin, formulation and benefits are discussed in the recipe in our book.  See Sea Moss/Irish Moss. Beverage.  (Sea Moss will Soon to be offered on our website) 

This is the first of many interesting topics that will follow on a bi-weekly basis to provide you with a little picture of island life.  We will sometimes also share recipes, pictures, and other treasures with you.

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